lost in the lakes and the shapes

I spend most of my time watching tv and procrastinating. Sometimes I get tl;dr about feelings; with some cycling is mixed in.

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“April just sort of loves this big goofy guy, and he just loves her and the fact that somebody like her would appreciate him. That’s something that real love is actually based on — in real life, love is based a lot on finding someone who loves you and accepts you. There’s nothing more attractive than somebody who just loves you for who you are. Andy doesn’t feel like he has to be somebody else around April. He can just be himself, and she loves it. That’s a quality about someone that you can’t help but fall in love with.”
- Chris Pratt

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“What’s the more beautiful view — the Grand Canyon or April’s face? The Grand Canyon, probably. But it’s close.”

- Andy

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April: She’s gonna love it. I know she’s gonna love it because I would hate it.

Ann: Merry Christmas April.

April: Quit it.


Ann: I have tried just about every possible way to get April to like me. They’ve all failed. So now, I’m just gonna constantly hug her. 

Citizen Knope [4.10] - Deleted Scene 

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